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Via email

Applicants are required to prepare relevant personal information (i.e. basic information, autobiography, school transcripts and so forth) in electronic format and emailed their application to Miss Fan  ,Please state the position you are applying for in your email title.

Other relevant information

Once the HR Administration Section has reviewed the applications, qualified applicants will be notified to come for an interview via email or telephone. If no suitable openings were available at the company, the application will be transferred to the company’s talent database for 3 months. Applicants will be notified immediately when suitable openings become available without prior notice. Applications will not be returned to applicants. Please contact Miss Chiu at (02)55900520#5608 should you have any doubts or inquiries.


By MRT (route marked red)

Qizhang Station Exit 2 Cross the road and turn left, enter from the first lane (Yonghua Street)Go straight and turn left at the first lane.Go straight again and you will see the Molife Building. Take the back door of the building on the left (ask any security guard for instructions). Cross lane B1. Take the elevator to HAITEC on the 8th floor.

By Car: Via National Highway No. 3 (route marked in green)

Get off of National Highway No. 3 at the Xindian Interchange Turn left onto Zhongxing Road Section 3 Go straight to Zhongxing Road Section 2 (take the Zhongxing Overpass) Stay in the fast lane, take a U-turn at the Formosa Gas Station and go straight on.

By Car: From Taipei city center (route marked gray)

Cross the Jingmei Bridge and go straight to Beixing Road Turn left to Baoqiang Road by the Overpass (CPC Gas Station) Turn right on Zhongxing Road Section 3 at Formosa Gas Station and go straight



Career development

HAITEC’s human resource system focuses on development and performance management through communication and assessment. The career paths and rewards are based entirely on individual competence to motivate employees for constant growth and contribution, with which HAITEC has taken the initiative to facilitate self-development of employees.

HR development strategy

HAITEC insists on four primary principles of “Lifelong Learning, Diversified Development, Spirit of Entrenchment and People-Oriented” in its talent cultivation and development.

Talent cultivation

Mentor program for new employees and online learning.

Career development

Job rotation system.

      1.Year-end bonus
      2.Three festival bonuses
      3.Birthday vouchers
      4.Wedding gift
      5.Childbirth subsidy
   Insurance coverage
      1.Labor insurance
      2.National Health Insurance
      3.Employee group insurance
      4.Unforeseen injury insurance
      5.Pension contribution
   Leave System
      1.Legal holiday
      2.Special (annual) leave
      3.Leave adjustment for Chinese New Year
      4.Compensational leave
      5.Etiquette and custom leave
         One-day full-paid leave : The wedding of children and siblings.
         One-day half-paid leave : New student enrollment of children; death of parents’siblings and their spouse; death of the
         spouse of siblings; death of siblings-in-law;and weddings of siblings-in-law.

      1.Irregular employee tours and various ballgames.
      2.Group subsidies.
   Vehicle purchase
      Provides employees to purchase the vehicle benefit.
    1.Discounts for consumption in various contract stores, such as restaurants,bakeries,bookstores, nationwide biz hotels,
       gyms, car rental and car care services.
    2.Employee health examination.
    3.Subsidy for English continuing education.

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    In order to promote knowledge sharing among employees, HAITEC has organized annual “Distinguished KM Award activities” since September 2006 to encourage uploads of quality KM documents. The employees who provide the most such documents are rewarded for their contribution to building a valuable KM database.

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    HAITEC offers annual trips for employees to be relieved from daily works and to get familiar with each other. This elevates loyalty to the company and encourages colleagues to work together more closely for higher productivity.

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    In the off hours, HAITEC employees form many interest groups that receive subsidies from the company to hold activities, practices and friendly competitions to promote both physical and mental health.

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    Recognition programs

    Election and acclamation of distinguished employees take place in HAITEC every year. Head of every department would recommend employees with outstanding performance or contribution to the company to participate in the election. Through this activity, HAITEC hopes to thank and praise the colleagues who help the company moving forward; and the colleagues are also expected to keep learning and growing with HAITEC for a better future of all.