HAITEC adheres to the principles of “customer satisfaction”, “continuous improvement” and “full participation” to build high-quality automobiles and have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System certification. With smart, innovative engineering capabilities, HAITEC products are always exceeding customer expectations. Since 2009, HAITEC had successfully developed new models such as LUXGEN 7 MPV, LUXGEN 7 SUV and LUXGEN 7 CEO to later become the first Taiwanese automobile brand that opens markets in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam and several Middle East countries.

In response to the eco-friendly trend, HAITEC actively collaborates with the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers to developed models such as the LUXGEN 7 EV+. The company will bend its efforts to become a public company by taking advantage of its own brand and the ability to produce all key components locally. Furthermore, HAITEC will set its eyes on the next wave of global automobile market in hope to play a key role in the competition.

The launch of R&D Achievements