Electric Vehicles

Unparalleled performance

In collaboration with renowned electric vehicle makes, HAITEC developed several key technologies that enable LUXGEN EV+ to boast better performance than BMW MINI E using similar technologies and TESLA, a joint venture of Mercedes-Benz.

Sporting an high-performance, long-range powertrain, the 150 kW motor of LUXGEN EV+ MPV is capable of delivering 200hp power, 220Nm torque, range of over 300km at 40km/h cruising speed, 10 seconds for 0-100 km/h acceleration and the maximum speed of 140 km/h – better than most petrol- and electric-powered cars in its class.


Electric concept car

Neora: the intelligent electric concept car launched in April 2011)

Neora is a new electric-powered concept car with interwoven intelligence and green energy. A perfect fusion of aerodynamics and aesthetics, Neora’s “stop and backlash” lines inspired by Chinese calligraphy sculpt the mesmerizing silhouette that extends from the front to the tail, giving a bold but refreshing impression of a vivid existence.

The futuristic style of Neora is represented by the Regen+ electronic braking system, intelligent HUD, LED Future Cam interior mirror, PDLC electronically-controlled tinted glass roof and more. The clean, high-tech blue lights are ingeniously matched with natural wooden and leather-clad panels to express the awareness to the environment.

Featuring a 180kW electric-sensing motor, the front-wheel drive Neora weights only 1,600kg to make the 6.5-second 0-100km/h acceleration and 150km/h top speed possible. The high-density, high-capacity battery can be charged to 80% full within an hour; when completely charged, the 48kWh Li-ion battery can support a range of over 400km in combined city and highway driving conditions.