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Completed vehicle testing is the final proof of design and manufacturing quality in the development process. Vehicles are tested in a variety of user scenarios to see if real-world requirements are met. Tests on the completed vehicles and onboard systems can ensure that the quality exceeds target specifications for total customer satisfaction.

HAITEC has a complete procedure set of vehicle verification tests including dynamic/static testing of structural strength, collision resistance, fatigue, durability, crashworthiness, pedestrian protection, vibration, noise, drivability, braking, air-conditioning, vehicle electronics and more. A full spectrum of tests is carried out in different test locations around the world including areas of extremely hot and cold climates.

HAITEC is committed to delivering the same or even better automobiles comparing to well-known international carmakers in terms of both advanced design and manufacturing quality.

Test Items

General Verification

Purpose: Test and tune the vehicle in a demanding low-temperature environment
Location: Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, China (temperature of around -35℃)