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Following a design philosophy of "Insight, Charisma, Detail, Innovation", the HAITEC design team has mastered the latest international design trends to build an automotive brand that the people of Taiwan can be proud of and that challenges international markets.

Skilled Design Team, Advanced Software and Hardware

The HAITEC Design Center brought together top local and foreign designers to set up design centers in three cross-strait locations (Xindian and Miaoli in Taiwan, Hungzhou in China). The design team numbers over 150 people and work from world-class facilities covering over 23,300m2.

The team consists of experts in different fields including creative designers, color & texture designers, digital model designers, clay modelers, perceived quality analysts, design strategy and trend analysts and design managers.

A good craftsman needs good tools. HAITEC's design team has access to the latest equipment including the largest Power Wall (800 x 200 cm) in Taiwan, ATOS non-contact optical measurement system, large 5-axis CNC machining center (national defense grade), Japanese-built high-precision measurement platform and instruments, WACOM high-resolution touch screen drawing systems and more. These, together with a comfortable design environment, enable the design team to fully exploit their creative potential and deliver designs that rival those of top international manufacturers.

Design Studio @ Sanyi   Design Studio @ Sanyi     Design Studio @ Xindian

Innovative Car Design Process

Designing is an important part of car R&D. The HAITEC design team has learned from the best of the international car markers by leveraging its advantage in equipment. When used in a simultaneous engineering model, this approach established a creative styling & design process that produces both high efficiency and quality results.

The complete design process consists of an Advanced Design phase, a Vehicle Design phase and an Industrialization phase.

Idea Sketch   Interior Concept Sketch   Exterior Concept Sketch

Advanced Design Phase

includes studying target customer groups, future trend analysis, design strategy and definition, concept drawings…etc. The goal of this phase is to come up with the optimal balance in the car design between product requirements, aesthetics and future trends.

Vehicle Design Phase

includes submitting a CG (computer graphic) concept, scaled and full-scale clay modeling of the interior/external design proposals…etc. The goal of this phase is to confirm the direction of development for the exterior appearance, interior styling, color and materials.

Scaled Clay model   Full-scale Clay model   Full-scale Clay model

Industrialization Phase

includes making full-scale clay models for the interior/exterior design, parts design…etc. The goal of this phase is to optimize the proposal model. Once the production model and design-related information is completed, the data package is passed to the engineering department for structural design, development, testing, test assembly and mass production.