Product Planning Styling Engineering & Development Prototyping Testing


The prototype build covers the middle to late stage of the vehicle development value chain. HAITEC’s prototype build capability encompasses the following components:

  1. Planning and building the new vehicles M-BOM.
  2. Planning and managing the prototype parts’ orders, delivery schedules, and supply.
  3. Modifying the body and assembly; planning and building the fixture/jig and PUG; regulating the prototype build process in the body and assembly.
  4. Inspecting the quality of individual systems and completed vehicles.
  5. Planning and building the prototype development center (including the wielding and assembly equipments).
  6. Preparation of the personnel and equipment for new vehicles mass production.

With the development experiences from several petrol- and electric-powered vehicles, HAITEC has proven the abilities of fully controlling the prototype build development processes that ensure the mass production on time.