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Product Planning

Product Planning is the driving force behind the development of new cars, leading the charge and steering car designs with medium-to-long term consumer analysis, product strategy, preliminary platform planning, model planning and other processes that help designers anticipate the future. The ultimate purpose of Product Planning is to define competitive, innovative and satisfying products by analyzing markets, consumers and competitors. To achieve this, market trends are first analyzed and different consumer types are segmented, which help identify correct target markets and consumers. The lifestyle and values of the identified consumers are then studied in detail, their needs and expectation for their cars such as emotional fulfillment, features and usage patterns exhaustively examined, which in turn help define new product concepts, selling points and styling, in addition to pure specifications (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1:Product Planning Flow Chart

“Luxury and Genius” are the core tenets of LUXGEN’s product design. Thus, coupled with attentive customer service, a stable of innovative and user-friendly technologies are incorporated into Luxgen products to allow customers to fully realize the LUXGEN philosophy of "Think Ahead". These all-encompassing brand design concepts make LUXGEN cars way more than just means of transportation for its customers; they become vehicles that inspire its drivers to enjoy brand new experiences, helping to usher in a new, exciting era for the car, the driver, and their road ahead.